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I am so excited to let you know that we have partnered with Dream Come True Beds to give one of my followers a FREE miniature iron bed!!

As if that wasn't enough we are also giving away a FREE doll!! Truly a Dream Come True Giveaway!!!

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instagram A U C T I O N

This Auction is for a Petite Fairy Doll. She is approximately 14' tall. Facial details are embroidered entirely by hand. Her elaborate and beautifully finished hair is hand stitched in place. She will arrive in this beautiful braid but you may style her hair in any way you please. Arms are attached to the body using buttons to create a better range of motion.

She comes with a glittery tulle cape and ruffled skirt. Her magical fairy wings are double sided in colors sand and gold.

The Auction will take place in our Instagram account @3and3heirloomdolls and will begin at 11:00am (est) and will run for 10 hours closing at 9:00pm (est) or two minutes after the highest bid. Opening bid is $150USD with minimum increments of $5.00USD

All patterns are designed from scratch in our home studio. Each doll is made using a variety of new, repurposed, and collected vintage fabrics, trims, and materials.

Clothing items and accessories can be removed.
Please hand wash and lay flat to dry.
Please spot clean doll with a damp cloth.
Intended for children 5+
For gentle play only.

Variations should be expected and embraced as is the beautiful nature of handmade work.
Actual colors may vary due to monitor color settings.



Working from home, owning a handmade business, homeschooling these preciousness and doll making is the best life ever!!!

My children enjoy watching me work and helping in the little things their hands can handle. I love how their eyes light up and how proud their hearts are when they accomplish even the smallest of tasks. They learn, they grow, and they shine!

I couldn't do this without the support and encouragement I receive from each of you....


I am thankful for all the love you've shown my shop and me personally. I have met the most beautiful people and I am forever grateful!

My hope is to continue to create things that will bring you joy, happiness, and love.
Bring a smile to the hearts, one doll at a time.

g i v e a w a y

I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Megan from Canvas House Design and we are partnering to give one of you the chance to win one of her amazing handmade dresses!!!

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Originality... altered

A doll is a model of a human. Each doll maker designs their own unique pattern that aligns with their personality and style.
No two artists are alike, so it's safe to say that no two dolls are exactly the same.
One can use the same body pattern or even the same materials, but that is where the similarities end.
...or do they?

There are many established doll artists that have come across aspiring doll makers whose creations mirror their original designs.
This is devastating, not only to the original artist but to the entire doll maker community.

It's okay to be inspired. But there is a fine line between inspiration and imitation. 

When using others as inspiration, consider the following questions: 
  • What speaks to you about this artist and their creations? 
  • What doll characteristics attract you the most? 
  • How can you adjust those characteristics to fit your style? 
  • How does the artists' work make you feel? 
  • How can you fabricate a completely different doll that can capture the same feelings? 

The motive is to arouse your own creativity.
To inspire you to create an entirely new product that doesn't emulate someone's work.

As a passionate soft sculpture doll artist, it is of greatest importance not only to provide exquisite, exclusive, and excellent products and customer service, but also to inspire others to dig into the world of imagination and creativity.
Create whatever it is that you love in a way that truly represents who you are as a unique individual.

There truly is room for everyone to shine and succeed in the world of doll making. 

My creations unreservedly represent who I am as a person.
My past, present, and future are embossed into each doll.
They depict my life, my heart, and my soul.  And no one can echo that. 

The world longs to see more of you, one creation at a time.

"One can steal ideas, but no one can steal execution or passion" 
[Timothy Ferris, Author of "The 4-Hour Workweek"] 

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."
[Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company]

For further reading on this topic, head on over to Braid Creative and see their blog post about Inspiration and Imitation.

Where do you draw the line of distinction between inspiration and imitation? I'd love to know your thoughts.


fun photo shoot


We are excited to be featured in a photo shoot by Qiana K. Photography.
Fun, playful, and elegant, the photos bring to life the magic within the handmade world.

Owls, bunnies, foxes, and kitties! We create heirloom quality dolls for your littles to enjoy.
They are the perfect companion as they learn to expand their curiosity and explore their world.

 If you could have any animal in doll form, which one would it be?
Let us know in the comments below.